Electricity and Magnetism (Electromagnetism) presentations.

Frits F.M. de Mul    .

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The Electricity & Magnetism presentations date from courses, presented for 1st year Applied Physics students at University of Twente, Department of Applied Physics.

The files can be used freely, provided you promise to be so kind as to mention the name of the author and not to change the files without consulting the author.

Available presentations:

PDF-format files and youtube movies

 (for PPT-presentations : email to: ffmdemul “at” gmail.com)

1. Topics presentations:

See Contents

E&M: history  (movie ; pdf-file)

E&M: Part 1: Electricity  (movie part I (A)   ;  part II (B)  ;  pdf-file)

E&M: Part 2: Magnetism  (movie part I (A)   ;  part II (B)  ;  pdf-file)

E&M: Part 3: Electromagnetic Waves.  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

2. Specialties:

Various presentations about notoriously difficult subjects:

Charge and current integration elements  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Multidimensional integrations (1, 2 and 3 dimensional distributions) (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Electric field (E-field) of a thin charged wire  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

E-field of a disk (movie  ;  pdf-file)

E-field of spheres (hollow, solid)  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

E-field of a dipole   (movie  ;  pdf-file)

E-field of a polarized object  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

E-field energy  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

E-field of a line of dipoles  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Electric motor and Dynamo, Hall effect (movie ; pdf-file)

Laplace Potential distribution and Earnshaw's Theorem  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Gauss' Law for cylindrical charge distributions   (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Gauss' Law for planar charge distributions   (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Divergence Theorem  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Filling a charged capacitor with homogeneous dielectric   (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Filling a charged capacitor with inhomogeneous dielectric  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

Magnetic field (B-field) of a current wire  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

B-field of a rotating homogeneously charged sphere  (movie  ;  pdf-file)

B-field of a rotating conducting sphere   (movie  ;  pdf-file)

3. Special simulation programs  (for stand-alone use):

Dipolar Radiation: Antenna patterns of dipole distributions

Earnshaw's Theorem

Magnetic field (incl. Vector potential) of (sets of) solenoids.

Download all 3 programs: EMprograms.zzz  

(change *.zzz -> *.zip and unzip, change *.fff -> *.exe and run)





Calculation of an antenna pattern, generated using a set of dipole radiators, each with different positions, phases, currents, angles etc.

For an E&M-explanation of the formalism used:

Open or download EMAntenna.pdf







Calculation of a potential distribution,

Starting from fixed potential points or lines,

and calculating intermediate points using the method of repeated averaging between neighbouring points.

2D and 3D-options







Calculation of (optional):


Magnetic induction (B)-fields (arrows or values; different components or modulus)



(A)-fields (same options)


Dipolar far field approximation