Optics and Astronomy presentations.

Frits F.M. de Mul .

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Some Optics and Astronomy presentations and programs.

The files can be used freely, provided you promise to be so kind as to mention the name of the author and not to change the files without consulting the author.

The movies and pdf-files are in Dutch; the programs are in English.


Available presentations:

(in pdf.format)


       Star distances: how star and galaxy distances are measured and calculated: == > movie ; pdf-file


       Big Bang: the origin and development of the Universe: == > movie ; pdf-file


       Telescope: how does a telescope work? == > movie ; pdf-file


       Zoom lens system: Principal rays (pdf-file)


Available programs:

       Zoom lens system:

       run on this site: click website app: == > Zoomlens.

       run on your own computer:

(download Zoomlens.fff here, then change *.fff -> *.exe and run)