Biomedical Optics & Light Scattering

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 Courses presented at Universities of Twente and Ancona

Keywords: imaging, monitoring, PAOD, occlusion, laser-Doppler, perfusion, flowmetry, blood flux, diabetes, pre-eclampsia, blood vessels, light scattering, light absorption, scattering theory, Mie, Rayleigh, dipolar, isotropic, Henyey Greenstein, Monte-Carlo, simulations, photo-acoustics mammography

The files can be used freely, provided you promise to be so kind as to mention the name of the author and not to change the files without consulting the author.



in PDF-format (PPT available upon request)

  • Overview of Biomedical Imaging Methods , pdf-file 
  • General Introduction ,  pdf-file
  • Light scattering by particles, pdf-file  

                               I.            Theories and models, with video: part I

                            II.            Derivation of dipole scattering and general scattering, with video: part II

  • Laser-Doppler Perfusion Monitoring and Imaging , pdf-file
  • Monte-Carlo simulations of light scattering and absorption , pdf-file
  • Photoacoustics of blood vessels in tissue , pdf-file , PAM-video
  • Photo-Acoustic response: simulation using MONTCARL, video
  • New Developments , pdf-file